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Gomastit 2060

SMP allround sealant

Fast curing, permanently elastic sealant and adhesive based on SMP. Neutral cross-linking and moisture curing, therefore designed for universal applications. Gomastit 2060 is suitable for jointing façade elements, glazing, joints in the sanitary area thanks to its high mould resistance as well as for joints in the floor area. Completely weather resistant, low odour and low emission (fulfills EMICODE EC1 Plus R). Certified and approved for applications in the food related area and for ventilation and air-conditioning according to VDI 6022.

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eco-bau rating 1

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Gomastit 400

Silicone universal sealant

Gomastit 400 is a sealant based on pure silicone for sanitary, plumber and construction areas. It is excellent for expansion and connection joints on various construction materials and for window sealing. Gomastit 400 is mold- and highly UV- and weather-resistant.

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eco-bau rating basis

VKF fire protection code 5.3

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Gomastit 402

Silicone acetate

Elastic, 1-component silicone sealant, acid curing system, moisture curing, absolutely weather-resistant.

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Gomastit VG30

SMP sealant for glazing

Gomastit VG30 is an elastic MS-Hybrid Polymer sealant for the glazing of wooden, metal and plastic windows. Particulary resistant against UV and weather influences. Gomastit VG30 is almost odourless and paintable.

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This is a core product