How we became, who we are

Milestones in 100 years history

For 100 years merz+benteli has further developed its formulation of success. The ingredients are: Innovation, highest customer value and sustainable growth.


merz+benteli was founded in 1918 by the chemists Walter Merz and Dr. Albert Benteli, in order to produce adhesives to apply luminescent materials on dials and hands of wrist-watches.


1930 the company produced the first water-resistant and fully synthetic adhesive – Cementit. That brand has been synonym for an all-purpose adhesive for handicrafts today.


1958 the first two-component polysulfid sealants were produced for construction building under the brand Gomastit – a progress in sustaining elasticity, durability and persistency.


1969 one-component polysulfid- and silicone sealants completed the line-up for construction building. The one-component technology saved the mixing process and improved the safety of the working process significantly.


1986 another Milestone! merz+benteli worked-up silane-modified polymers as the first European company. Now the sealants and adhesives adhered without primer and were free of isocyanat and solvents.


2008 Launch of a new adhesive line-up branded as Merbenit. That allowed to enter into international automotive- and shipbuilding markets.


2012 Expansion of the capacity by two fully-automated production lines.


2015 Launching of the first sealant who was made out of mostly renewable raw materials.