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Adhesion promoter

Adhesion Promoter Black Glass

Black Glass Adhesion Promoter is a black-pigmented adhesion promoter especially for adhesion of car glass. Black Glass Adhesion Promoter is used for protection against the effect of ultraviolet radiation and for improved adhesion. Especially suitable for bonding windshields, rear windshields and side windows in vehicle construction.

Adhesion Promoter V17

Colourless Adhesion Promoter based on acrylate-silicone-copolymerises, particularly indicated to enhance adhesion of MS-hybrid and silicone sealants, applicable on absorbent substrates. Appropriate for porous materials like wood, concrete, mortar, eternit etc. Used when the demands on water resistance of a joint or bonding are extremely high, as in swimming pools, indoor pools or joints in the ground. The promoter is also appropriate as a barrier on bituminous substrates.

Adhesion Promoter V2

Colourless Adhesion Promoter on silane basis for SMP and silicone sealants. Adhesion Promoter V2 is universally usable for non-absorbent substrates.

Adhesion Promoter V21

Colourless Adhesion Promoter for SMP and silicone sealants, applicable on absorbent substrates.

Adhesion Promoter V40

Transparent special adhesion promoter for MS-hybrid and silicone sealants on non-absorbent and absorbent substrates. For applications like synthetic plasters and plastics, thermolacquered or powder coated surfaces.