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Acetone is used as grease remover and cleaning agent on various non absorbent substrates like metal, glass, various plastics etc. In case of joint repair, Acetone reactivates existing joint material that cannot be removed completely from the substrate.

Gomastit PU-Cleaner

Gun-/spray cleaner is a product developed for effective cleaning of the interior and exterior of PU guns. This cleaner is particular suitable for cleaning uncured PU foam. Furthermore it can be used to remove paint marks, wax, grease, oil and adhesives.

Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)

Is used to remove cured sealant. Apply the product on an cloth and rub off the excess of sealant (at the same time the substrate will be cleaned). For further information please consult the material safety data sheet.

Rubbing alcohol

Cleaning agent for universal use on non absorbent substrates. By cleaning the substrate with rubbing alcohol, the surface gets clean and free from oil and grease which is a precondition for a sealing/ bonding of high quality. Also suitable for the cleaning of tools.

Universal sealant cleaner

Every surface of selant mass can get dirty after a while, depending on its load. For this reason, it must be cleaned and maintained from time to time. The easiest way to clean MS-hybrid Polymer as well as Silicone sealants is with our Universal cleaner for sealants.


Xylol is used as a thinner for Primer V17. Xylol may also be used as a cleaning agent on non absorbent surfaces. We recommend to test compatibility with plastics and lacquered surfaces in an invisible part of the surface prior to use.