Up to 70% lighter than conventional adhesives and sealants

Lightweight sealants and adhesives up to 70% lighter. Merbenit Light Weight has an extremely low specific gravity and can help to reduce the unladen weight and fuel consumption of vehicles. Thanks to its elasticity, it can be used wherever PU foams fail due to their stiffness - for jointing, sealing and bonding. Merbenit Light Weight is solvent- and isocyanate-free, making it particularly suitable for use in vehicle interiors.
With a density of 0.4 to 0.6 g/ml, Merbenit Light Weight is often up to 70% lighter than conventional adhesive and sealing systems. This can mean a weight saving of more than one kilogram per m2 of adhesive surface. Its insulating properties (thermal conductivity approx. 0.06 W/mK) prevent thermal bridges. Lightweight is permanently elastic and very easy to process. Its significantly better mechanical properties, such as tensile strength and elongation at break, allow it to perform outstandingly compared to butyl or PU foam. The simple cleaning when fresh rounds off the product.
Merbenit Light Weight can be applied by hand using a bag gun or spatula. Semi- and fully automatic application from hobbocks or barrels is also possible.

The Merbenit Light Weight is used in lightweight construction for sealing and gluing to reduce weight. It is used, for example, for filling cavities and sealing seams, but also for gluing sandwich lightweight panels. Thanks to its insulating properties, the adhesive is also used for vibration and thermal insulation.


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