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Sealing and adhesive accessories

Sealmaster 21

Professional sealant gun with strong drive plate
Rotary carriage and ladder hoak
Rubber-coated handle and trigger
Corrosion protected driving parts with special blackened alloy
Trigger ratio 17:1
For cartridges up to 310ml

Kroger H40+

The successor to the popular Kroger H 40.
In particular, the ergonomic shape, the low weight and a stop function integrated in the trigger ensure precise control during application without the adhesive/sealant running out and accelerate the process. The robust, durable gun is ideal for regular application of adhesives and sealants and is intended for continuous use.

Adhesion Promoter V17

Colourless Adhesion Promoter based on acrylatesiliconecopolymerises, particularly indicated to enhance adhesion of SMP and silicone sealants, applicable on absorbent substrates.

Adhesion Promoter V2

Colourless Adhesion Promoter on silane basis for SMP and silicone sealants. Adhesion Promoter V2 is universally usable for non-absorbent substrates.

Adhesion Promoter V21

Colourless Adhesion Promoter for SMP and silicone sealants, applicable on absorbent substrates.

Adhesion Promoter V40

Transparent special adhesion promoter for SMP and silicone sealants on non-absorbent and absorbent substrates.

Adhesion Promoter Black Glass

Black Glass Adhesion Promoter is a black-pigmented adhesion promoter especially for adhesion of car glass.

Natural raw materials
Environmentally friendly sealants made from natural raw materials
Hobby and office
Swiss adhesive for hobby, school and office
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