Merbenature - Environmentally friendly sealants from natural raw materials

Environmentally friendly SMP sealant

Merbenature is a particularly resource-saving sealant based on SMP. It consists of over 70 % renewable raw materials, is emission-free and environmentally friendly. It can be used universally indoors and outdoors.

Merbenature has a broad adhesion spectrum and is suitable for universal use. Merbenature adheres to many substrates without the use of an adhesion promoter. This sealant has a low odor and is free of solvents, silicone, halogens, isocyanates, tin or phthalates.

Well suited materials are metals, powder-coated, painted, galvanized, anodized, chromated or hot-dip galvanized surfaces, various 
Plastics, ceramics, concrete and wood.
We would be pleased to advise you personally and show you the possibilities and areas of application of this innovative sealant. Of course, Merbenature is also available as private label quality. 

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