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merbenTECH is based on silane-modified polymers, which are processed in a special way into high-performance, elastic sealants and adhesives. They are free of isocyanates and solvents and adhere to all typical materials, mostly without adhesion promoters.

The sealants with merbenTECH are very environmentally resistant, immediately recoatable and easy to process. The elastic adhesives have excellent permanent mechanical properties and high final strengths.

merbenTECH is the exclusive technology of merz+benteli. It is only used in the brand products Merbenit, Gomastit, Merbenature and Cementit. merbenTECH is registered in the trademark register, patented and owned by merz+benteli.

The MS polymer from merz+benteli ag is a base resin for the production of high-quality sealants and adhesives for construction and industry.
Our unique properties enable us to deliver outstanding performance that is recognised by users and architects all over the world.

The following properties can be summarized:

Easy handling / workability

Our MS polymers are easy to use: It can be extruded from cartridges with low force even at low temperatures. A continuous flow of sealant viscosity sealants is the norm. Furthermore, smoothing and tooling of the joint are easier with our sealant than with any other type of sealant.

Weather resistant

The resistance to natural weathering such as rain and UV is one of the advantages of merz+benteli sealant that allows use of the sealant outdoors ? even in adverse weather. merz+benteli sealant shows no cracks after UV exposure. The elasticity of the sealant is maintained over time, even years after application.

High-quality mechanical properties

merz+benteli sealants and adhesives have excellent mechanical properties, including: stable elasticity over a wide temperature range (-40C to 200C) and long-term stability. SMP technology allows formulators to vary from a very low modulus and 100% modulus sealant at 60 psi to a very high strength adhesive with a tensile shear strength of 1,500 psi.

Paint compatibility

Compatibility with many kinds of paint is appreciated by many users in industry and construction. merz+benteli sealant is compatible with many types of paints and coatings. merz+benteli sealant can immediately be painted over after application. The paint cures relatively quickly after a reasonable time.


Our sealant can be used for a wide variety of applications. A single product can be used for waterproofing, bonding, sealing... and will adhere to different substrates at the same time. There is no need to buy a seperate sealant for each application.


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