Advantages of SMP sealants

Our sealants based on silane-modified polymers, SMP for short, are used for a wide range of applications in the construction sector. Whether for new buildings or renovations, indoors or outdoors. Compared to silicone or PU-based sealants, they offer several advantages that already provide added value during processing.

SMP sealants combine the positive properties of silicon and PU sealants

SMP-based sealants combine positive properties of silicon and PU sealants. On the one hand they are very flexible, provide wide adherence and are moisture-resistant, on the other they are compatible with paints, possess a low modulus value depending on the system and can therefore be used for long-lasting joint seals.
Whatever the seal, we have the right product for you. For seals on facades, our products give convincing results with a low modulus value and high flexibility. Of course these products are adapted to the user and are very easy to work with.


For joints in floors, we stock sealants with high abrasion resistance that withstand mechanical stress without damage. Particular importance is here attached to excellent adhesion in standing water. So that even floor joints upon which a puddle often lingers stay permanently leakproof. 


In sanitary areas, on the other hand, there is a need for products that are easy to clean and protected against mould formation. In addition to this there are advantages such as, for example, the possibility to also seal natural stones or very good plastic adhesion.

Sealing of windows

The sealing of windows is demanding because various requirements combine in this area. The sealant must be leakproof for the long term and protect the window against the entry of water. On top of this, high UV exposures, temperature fluctuations and weathering effects are the order of the day. The joints are also influenced by mechanical stress and the chemical influences of cleaning agents. With wooden windows, compatibility with paints is a prerequisite and compatibility with products that are to be used in the edging is also required. 

Wooden windows

SMP-based sealants can offer added value, especially in the case of wooden windows, and can, thanks to their good compatibility, even be used on objects the original appearance of which must not be changed. Our special sealants adhere to glass and with the right product, sealing can even be carried out on self-cleaning types of glass.

Substrate preparation

Preparation of the substrate is normally extremely simple. For many substrates, a thorough cleaning is sufficient. In many cases, the use of primers or adhesion promoters is unnecessary.


Our sealants are easy to apply with commercially available caulking gun. They remain extrudable even with temperature fluctuations. It is important to us that the products can be worked with in low as well as increased temperatures. As with a silicon sealant, the joint surface can be worked in its fresh state with tooling aids or your finger. 

Series production and container shapes

For series production, we offer various container shapes from which the sealants can be dispensed and dosed. Through fine adjustment of the requested parameters, we can offer you the product you want and fulfil your requirements. With SMP-based sealants, as with PU sealants, it is possible to shorten the curing many times over by the addition of an accelerator paste. Furthermore, we offer you 2-component systems which can also be used for a wide variety of applications. Whether it is 1K, 2K or accelerated, the end product is consistent with a high-quality polymer intended to ensure a long-lasting sealing function. 


Do you have any questions or need support in selecting a product? Our advisors will be happy to help you.

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