The company

The History

The company was founded - typically Swiss - in connection with the watch industry: in 1918, the two chemists Walter Merz and Dr. Albert Benteli developed an adhesive to apply fluorescent material to hands and dials.

The young company used its experience and knowledge from the early years to develop a water-resistant synthetic universal adhesive. In 1930 it was ready for the market: Cementit was launched. The brand quickly became synonymous with practical all-round adhesives - and Cementit is still a household name in offices, households and schools today.

The construction industry demands sealants. New construction methods such as lightweight and element construction, new technical and aesthetic requirements: In the fifties, the call for durable, elastic and durable sealants became loud. merz+benteli accepted the challenge and developed the first two-component polysulfide sealants, which were launched on the market in 1958 under the Gomastit brand. About ten years later, in 1969, single-component technology was introduced for newly developed polysulfide and silicone sealants: the mixing process was eliminated - and application reliability was improved as a result. In 1986, merz+benteli set another milestone and was the first company in Europe to process silane-modified polymers (SMP). Sealants and adhesives on this basis adhere without adhesion promoters and are free of isocyanates and solvents.

SMP adhesives and sealants also for industry. The advantages of SMP and the acquired know-how could also be used for new products and applications. In 2008, merz+benteli launched the new Merbenit range of industrial sealants and adhesives and has been continuously expanding it ever since: Today, the range includes more than 100 SMP-based adhesives and sealants. The brand has also established itself internationally, particularly in the processing industry, vehicle construction and shipbuilding. In order to meet the growing demand, the capacity was significantly increased in 2012 with two fully automated production lines.

SMP sealant on a natural basis. The growing environmental awareness of many building owners and new certifications such as Minergie-ECO challenged the developers at merz+benteli: what was needed was a sealant made from bio-based raw materials, free of solvents and silicone, without heavy metals (tin), isocyanates, halogens and phthalate plasticizers. The result was presented in 2015: the resource-conserving SMP sealant Merbenature - made from over 50% renewable raw materials.

Research and Development

In our laboratories we develop new technologies for construction and industry and set standards for the high quality of our products. We test chemical mixtures of the materials and systems to be used and develop new formulas and recipes. For customer-specific inquiries, we tailor the development to your needs and check the applicability of our solutions according to your desired order. Thanks to consistent testing and monitoring of our formulations, from prototypes to series production, we are able to meet high quality standards. Close cooperation with all departments involved strengthens our efforts.

Quality, safety, competence!

Special materials require special adhesives or sealants and special areas of application require special new developments. The desire for an extended service life, with higher elasticity, or less weight, or everything at the same time - with the desire for universal applicability, and the whole thing with the highest demands on quality.

The mixing plant

In our mixing department, the approved recipes are brought together and mixed together in two shifts. The latest machinery, proven technology and long-standing employees guarantee high quality standards and competence. The safety of our employees is our top priority, which is why we regularly carry out inspections and certify our internal processes.

The bottling plant

The bottling plant fills our carefully mixed recipes in the specified quantities in barrels, cartridges or bags. Here, too, strict quality and occupational safety guidelines must be followed. Well-rehearsed teams work in two shifts almost around the clock for our customers.

Our logistics department

Our logistics department ensures optimal storage, as well as timely and perfect packaging of the goods. We maintain a long-term partnership with our logistics partners, which enables us to dispatch our goods all over the world within the shortest possible time.


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