High-Tack Adhesives

High-Tack SMP adhesives have an increased initial tack. They are used for applications where no additional fixation is to be made.


Our SMP adhesives are noted for their excellent initial tack. They are used for applications not intended for additional fixation, Our high-tack products can also be conveyed and applied automatically or semi-automatically using conventional dosing systems.


The advantages

High-tack SMP-based adhesives offer various advantages over other kinds of adhesives:

  • High initial tack while extruding easily and smoothly: Easy-to-process high-tack adhesives with excellent initial tack which can be used as an assembly adhesive in a wide range of applications.
  • Extremely strong initial tack: SMP adhesives with very high viscosity and an extremely strong initial tack. Ideal for bonding components which need to be quickly processed further and/or precisely bonded.
  • Flexible and consistent: Our SMP-based adhesives provide well-balanced strength and are permanently elastic. They absorb and compensate for movements. Their performance is hardly affected by temperature fluctuation.
  • Durability: These MS-polymer adhesives are durable and resistant to moisture and chemicals. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easy to process: Our high-tack adhesives are formulated to make fit for use with a conventional nozzle. The right tools will help you apply the product efficiently.
  • Wide adhesion range: One of the great advantages of our high-tack SMP adhesives is their wide adhesion range often saving you various steps in your process and reducing the need for products containing solvents.

Free from silicone

Our high-tack SMP-based adhesives are free from silicone, solvents and isocyanates. They are very low in emissions and meet the EMICODE EC1Plus and Eurofins IAC Gold standards. They are safe for the processor and require no special safeguards or product training.


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