Fire protection

Fire protection sealants and adhesives from merz+benteli for construction and industry.

Fire protection sealants are special sealants used to protect buildings from fire. They are usually used in areas that are particularly vulnerable, such as doors, windows, walls and ceilings. Fire protection sealants can act in various ways, e.g. by increasing the fire resistance of building components or by preventing the spread of smoke and heat. 

Our fire protection sealants stand for certified safety made in Switzerland as well as for innovative SMP technology. Fire protection sealants and adhesives from merz+benteli ag are suitable for both construction and industry. Thanks to innovative technology from merz+benteli ag, our fire protection sealants and adhesives meet the highest safety requirements and set new standards. In addition, our Gomastit FireSeal MS 90 in particular is the first VKF-approved SMP fire protection sealant. 

Find out more about the fire protection sealant Gomastit FireSeal MS 90 here.


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